Treetop Trouble is a fast-paced, hypercompetitive platformer with a modern aesthetic. It has been described as “a game built on the bones of Mario and Sonic.” In Treetop Trouble, you play as an agile squirrel that must fly through the treetops to escape from your treacherous enemies below. The map is generated procedurally so there’s always something new around every corner.

Treetop Trouble is a game where you have to climb the trees in the forest by jumping from tree to tree. The music for this game is very relaxing and can be used as a sleep aid.

Treetop Trouble


Cuphead’s second run-and-gun level, Treetop Trouble, is much more tough than the first. You’ll need to sprint down the right side of the screen for the first section of the level, dodging and leaping over the rolling monsters. You’ll also have to keep an eye out for woodpeckers pecking down from above.

A gold coin may be found along the road. If you miss the parry slap on the adversary to reach it, you may still pick it up by jumping and dashing towards it from the right side. The second gold coin is buried under the tree’s bark on the far right side of the tree.


Ascend the tree, avoiding or destroying any ugly tree trunks or flies you come across. On the right side, there’s a third gold coin that you’ll have to grab by jumping up from a moving platform. Exit to the right after you’ve reached the top of the tree.

It’s time to hop over the flies that are gripping the leaves. You can only remain on them for a second before they vanish and a fireball appears from underneath them.

Boss of the Treetops

It’s not enough to just run and shoot; you must also beat the boss! He is fortunate in that he is in poor health. From one leaf to the next, hop. He’ll blast fireballs that burn the leaves, but they’ll be restored in a matter of seconds.


To finish the level, leap and rush over to the right after defeating the monster.

Then there’s Mausoleum No. 1

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forest follies” is a game that was released in the mid-2000s. The game has been updated for iOS devices, and it features new graphics and a new story.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you beat treetop trouble?

A: If things are going smoothly, you should be able to progress past the first part of the song and start on one of the floating platforms leading up. From here, its just a matter of continuing through and completing each level.

How do you beat the woodpecker in Cuphead?

A: At the start of the game, you will find yourself in an alleyway with a woodpecker. You need to wait for it to come into range then fire your gun at it and keep firing until its dead!

How do you beat Forest Follies?

A: You will need a high amount of practice in order to beat this song. There are only two possible paths that you can take, and both require very specific skillsets. The first path requires the player to use their left hand for all steps as well as using an invisible saber grip on the right controllers handle during certain parts of the track which makes it difficult because they constantly have one hand occupied trying not to hit walls or lose speed with another arm. The second path is much simpler but at times highly challenging due to sudden jumps back and forth between moving forward fast then slow while also having just enough time in between each jump (about 2-3 seconds) where players have no choice but to perfectly execute movements such as jumping over obstacles or dodging bats that come out from portals

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