Rugged Ridge is a gaming company that develops games and other types of entertainment software. In addition to their award winning game titles, they also produce a number of user-friendly mobile apps for the iPhone and Android devices.

Rugged Ridge is a Jeep company that specializes in the production of off-road vehicles. The company was founded in 2003, and has been producing Jeeps ever since.

Rugged Ridge

Returning to Cuphead


To get to the first Run and Gun level on Inkwell Isle 3, you must first beat the Honeycomb Herald level, which opens the gates to Rugged Ridge.

Rugged Ridge takes place in the mountains, and you’ll have to leap through pillars and golden scales to get to the other side. As you fall on the scales, the scales will decrease, and you’ll have to defeat billy-goat adversaries that hurl pickaxes at you. You’ll have to avoid a couple Evil Flames swirling about before reaching the first Gold Coin #1.


You’ll come across a Cat Statue just beyond the first coin that breaths air at you, keeping you from moving ahead. Continue shooting it until it breaks, then leaping from platform to platform. Gold Coin #2 may be discovered immediately beyond the next golden scales, beneath and to the right of a pillar.


Follow the path to the right until you reach a stone platform that serves as an escalator. Once you stand on it, it will fall. A Baby Dragon will fire fireballs at you, and Little Golems will rise up and fight you. Keep a look out for Gold Coin #3 as you descend, as it will past you by swiftly as you near the bottom of the escalator.

Continue to the right after you’ve reached the bottom. Destroy the wall before jumping up and grabbing Gold Coin #4 from behind one of the arches.


Destroy another Cat Statue and a wall before proceeding to the final portion via the arch. While a Giant Cyclops stomps along after you, you’ll have to leap over a variety of ledges. You’ll have the opportunity to pick up the last coin, Gold Coin #5, along the journey.


Continue leaping over the platforms until the level is completed.

Following that, perilous piers

Return to Inkwell Isle 3


Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns rugged ridge?

A: The rugged ridge is owned by the United States. It was donated back to the country in 1963 and has been on public land ever since.

Where is rugged ridge manufactured?

A: The rugged ridge is manufactured in China.

Does rugged ridge ship to Canada?

A: No, the US postal code for this location is 97645.

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