Nod 12: Steal The Codes is a first-person shooter video game developed and published by Polish developer NoCode Interactive. It was released on March 29, 2018 for Microsoft Windows via Steam in Early Access format.

The “command and conquer nod 13c” is a cheat code that allows players to instantly get all the weapons in the game.

Nod 12: Steal the Codes

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Steal the Codes is the 12th mission.


A new orbital Ion Cannon is being tested by GDI. Your objective is to break inside the GDI facility and seize the Advanced Communications Center. You just need to conquer the center, not all of the GDI troops.

You start with five automobiles and an MCV. Move the cars north and then west until you reach the crossing guarded by two Mammoths. Use the MCV to attract the Mammoth’s attention and then distract it. The Mammoths should be able to be destroyed without being targeted by the other vehicles.

Take the westbound crossing and carry your MCV with you. Deploy your MCV near the Tiberium field in the northwestern corner of the map. To protect against GDI assaults, quickly construct the standard base and deploy a Cannon on the north west perimeter. Once you acquire the funds, you should replace it with an Obelisk. To take use of the Tiberium field in the map’s northern area, build another Refinery to the north.

The GDI base is located in the north-east corner of the map, with two entrances from the west and south. This sector will be patrolled by a large number of GDI vehicles, including Mammoth Tanks. To deal with them swiftly, kite them back to the Obelisk near your base.

On the western side, the Construction Yard seems to be a tempting target. You can simply get an Engineer in to take over the Construction Yard if you demolish the Guard Towers and the cement wall. Sell it for cash, then focus on capturing or destroying the other structures.

The Advanced Communications Center is located in the GDI base’s upper right corner. You may send an Engineer over to take over the GDI Construction Yard without notifying the GDI soldiers once you have it. The objective will be completed after you obtain the Advanced Communications Center.

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The “nod mission 8” is a game that is available on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. The game allows players to steal the codes of other players as well as their own. This is a fun game for those who enjoy multiplayer games.

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