“No Remorse,” an episode in the Far Cry universe, is a game that takes place both on land and underwater. In it, players are tasked with completing missions for the mysterious Eden’s Gate cult.

The “red alert allied mission 13 map” is a map for the game Red Alert: Allied Mission. The map is set in the Soviet Union and it’s a great level to play on.

Mission 14: No Remorse


No Regrets

The Allied campaign comes to a close with this mission. Your goal is to fully eliminate the Soviet presence and assassinate Stalin. For the first half of this task, you’ll need to sneak into a tiny Soviet facility with Tanya and a handful other spies and take some cash.

You’ll lose this game in the first few seconds if you don’t move Tanya out of the line of the explosives. Bring her west till you reach the river, then north to the little base, eliminating any opposing troops along the way. Bring the Spies with her when the coast is clear. Tanya has the ability to deactivate the Tesla Coil by destroying the Power Plants. You’ll still have to keep an eye out for Flame Turrets. To take the cash, send the spies to the Silos. After that, you’ll be given reinforcements to begin building your own base.

Build at least 4 Ore Trucks and retain a few troops around your base to protect against assaults after establishing your base near the ore fields.

I found that focusing on holding my base until I had a group of 6+ Longbows to shoot down the Soviet Construction Yards was the simplest way to complete this challenge. One is in a smaller base to the south, while the other is on the western side of the great base. You may then snipe out their war factories, barracks, tesla coils, and whatever other structures you can identify after the construction yards are out of the way. To see where their buildings are, you’ll need the Tech Center and GPS unlocked.

Send in your tanks to sweep through the bases and complete the job after you’ve done enough damage. Thank you for finishing the Allied campaign!

Lesson in Blood follows next (Soviet Mission 1)

Red Alert is back!


Red Alert is a series of real-time strategy games created by Westwood Studios. The 14th game in the series, titled “No Remorse”, was released on June 22nd, 2010 for Microsoft Windows and OS X. Reference: red alert 14.

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