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Hoagie’s Capsule is a day of the tentacle squeaky mouse toy. It features an octopus, squid, and snail that all have different sounds when squeezed.

Hoagie’s Capsule

Walkthrough for Day of the Tentacle Remastered


We need to get Hoagie’s capsule powered up now that we have the super-battery.


Proceed up the stairwell and through the first door. Push George’s bed and then tug on the cable to mess things up. The housekeeper will arrive to clean up the mess. Pick grab the soap from the cart as you go out the door.

Day of the Tentacle Remastered SoapEnter via the swinging entrance and the right-hand door in the main hall. Fill the bucket with water with the water pump. To produce soapy water, combine the soap and the bucket.

Go outside to the filthy carriage and scrub it using the carriage’s brush. Hoagie is going to clean things up, and a major storm is about to emerge. With his kite in hand, Ben will return inside.


Give Hoagie the Help Wanted Sign from your inventory.


Inside, have a look at the grandfather clock. Give Red the Help Wanted sign. Red will hire you and provide you with the lab coat. Ascend the steps to Ben Franklin’s chamber, which is the third door on the right. If you give him the lab coat, he’ll turn it into a kite.

Ben will instruct you on how to fly the kite. Before the kite takes off, connect the battery to it. Ben will come and take it up when it has been hit by lightning. The fully charged battery will be ejected from the device. Pick it up, return to the Chron-O-John, and connect the plug to the battery.

It’s time to reclaim Laverne’s Capsule’s power (Part 5).

The “day of the tentacle laverne cat” is a game that was released in 1993. It is a point and click adventure game with puzzle solving elements. The protagonist, Hoagie, has to save his friends from the evil Dr. Fred’s experiments.

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