Delphi is the codename for a new GDI project that has been working in stealth mode. It’s going to be one of their largest projects ever and will bring with it some amazing features as well as exciting challenges.,

The “code name delphi map” is a map that was released on the official website for GDI 11: Code Name Delphi. The map has been created by “The_Baker”.

GDI 11: Code Name Delphi

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You’ll be attacked by opposing Turrets as soon as you get on the shore. Send your soldiers and MCV east, out from the Turrets’ range. With your soldiers, destroy the Nod Tank, then send your MCV north to an open area with some Tiberium.

In the beginning, be extremely cautious not to alert either of the two Flame Tanks on the map. The first is west of the Turrets, while the second is north of the Tiberium, on the bridge. Clear the Rocket Infantry from the Tiberium field to the east with your Grenadiers.

From the beginning, you’ll be thrust into combat. The Nod troops will send Flame Tanks your way, so have Guard Towers ready. After the standard structures, construct a Weapons Factory and then a second Refinery.

You may locate a wider field to the south of your base if the Tiberium to the east has been collected.

The base of Nod is divided into two portions. The entrance is on the western side, and you must go all the way to the eastern side to enter. To save Delphi, you must break the wall on the base’s eastern side and send a unit outside to the cliff’s base.

Assemble a huge army of Tanks and Light Scouts and charge through the front gate as quickly as possible. Don’t worry about damaging the structures; all you have to do is get to the other side. If you have the necessary troops, you may demolish their manufacturing facilities and construction yard.

Once you’re at the eastern portion, use one of your Tanks to rip a breach in the east wall and proceed east until you discover Delphi.

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The “gdi mission 15” is a game that was released in the year 1997. The game was developed by Delphi, which is now known as GDI.

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