Firelink Shrine is a location in Dark Souls 3, and offers many rewards for those who are willing to brave its depths. With the release of Bloodborne, From Software has begun to explore more about what players want from their games as well as where they can take them next.

The “Firelink Shrine” is a location in Dark Souls 3. It is located in the Undead Parish and it can be accessed by climbing down from the roof of the building. The Firelink Shrine has many locations to explore, including a bonfire and an elevator that leads to the Cathedral of Blue.

Firelink Shrine

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Dark Souls 3 Firelink Shrine

Exterior of Firelink Shrine

There are a several ways you may take while looking at the Firelink Shrine. If you don’t want to go inside right immediately, use the left route around the shrine’s perimeter.

Take the East-West Shield and kill the two Hollows that are currently there. To get another Ember, go the stairs up and to the right. Before returning, sneak around to the right of the walkway and pick up another Homeward Bone on a skeleton.

Now confront the Master Swordsman by ascending the stairs to the left. He isn’t armored, yet he wields the Uchigatana, a lethal blade. He’s a difficult opponent. When he misses, try to keep out of range and move in to slice two or three times at him. Blocking and hitting are also effective. You may take his sword, the Uchigatana, the Master’s Attire, and the Master’s Gloves once you’ve slain him.

Return to the front door and enter.

Interior of the Firelink Shrine

Dark Souls 3 Firelink Shrine ThronesAs you enter the Firelink Shrine, you’ll see a dejected knight down the right-hand stairwell. Hawkwood the Deserter is his name.

The Fire Keeper is the lady in the middle. She’ll inform you that the Lords have abdicated their thrones. You may level up here as well. After you’ve finished chatting with her, be sure to ignite the fire by burying the Coiled Sword in the bonfire.

Someone is still seated on one of the thrones. To the left of the enormous center throne is a smaller throne. Ludleth of Courland is his name.

A handmaid may be seen on the right as you go further inside the Shrine. She sells and buys a variety of products, including torches.

Andre, the Blacksmith, is up front, pounding away at a sword. He has the ability to strengthen, repair, and infuse weapons and equipment. Titanite is required for reinforcing weaponry, while Gems are required for infusing. Have a conversation with Andre to learn more about how it works.

The Belltower is a structure that stands on top of a

Speak to the Handmaid and purchase the Tower Key. This will cost you 20,000 souls. To get to The Belltower is a structure that stands on top of a go to the entrance of the Shrine, and facing outwards, take the stairs up to the left. Head out the top exit to the right and notice the Giant Tree here which sometimes drops seeds.

Before opening the gate and entering, walk up to the Tower Gate and retrieve the Soul of a Deserted Corpse on the left. Climb to the top of the tower and then cross the bridge. You’ll see a blue twinkle down on the right about halfway across. You can combat the monster that drops Twinkling Titanite by jumping onto the Shrine roof on the left and then down to the ground. Make sure the top of the ladder leading from the ground to the roof is kicked open so you can climb back up after you have the Titanite.

A big nest may be seen at the Shrine’s roof’s edge. If you approach it, you will hear a weird bird-like voice speaking to you.

Dark Souls 3 Firelink Shrine NestIf you throw a Firebomb at it, it will reward you with a Large Titanite Shard. Return to the roof by climbing up the ladder. An access into the rafters may be found along the side of the roof.

To discover an Estus Shard, carefully stroll along the rafters. Instead of ending at a walkway, one of the rafters stops straight at a wall. This is a well-kept secret. To bust it open, hit it. Continue down this rafter until you reach the end, where you’ll discover a box containing the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring.

Now drop down and go back up the Tower, across the walkway and into The Belltower is a structure that stands on top of a. Take the elevator up, go outside, follow the stairs up and grab the Fire Keeper Soul.

You’ll see a body with goods on it as you walk out to the right. Carefully lower yourself. You’ll suffer some damage, but hopefully you’ll make it out alive. The Fire Keeper Robe, Fire Keeper Gloves, and Fire Keeper Skirt may all be found here.

Before falling all the way to the ground, drink an Estus Flask. An Estus Ring may be found among the bodies.

Return to the Fire Keeper after removing the gate. She can now heal if you give her the Fire Keeper Soul.

To go to the High Wall of Lothric, go to the bonfire and utilize it to warp there.

Part 2: Lothric’s High Wall

The “firelink shrine lore” is a location in Dark Souls III. It is located in the Undead Settlement, and it is where the player meets Fire Keeper. The firelink shrine lore has been present since the game’s release.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is below Firelink Shrine?

A: Below the Firelink Shrine is a bonfire, which means that you can use it to warp back to your last checkpoint.

Is Firelink Shrine the same?

A: Yes, they are the same.

How do you climb the Firelink Shrine?

A: You need to have the Homeward Bone in your inventory, then use it on one of the Caryll runes. It will take you back to Firelink Shrine if successful. If not, you can try using a Homeward Bone again or leave and come back through another door in order to get more tries until reaching Firelink Shrine

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