Video games have come a long way since the days of Pac Man. As technology advances and becomes more commonplace, the industry is constantly evolving to meet new standards for performance. Here are some examples of how video game developers are pushing past technological limitations in this rapidly changing landscape.

The “dramatic fanatic in game” is a term that refers to an individual who is overly dramatic, often with the intent of causing drama. The word has been used in gaming communities for years and is commonly found in online games.

Dramatic Fanatic

Returning to Cuphead


Dramatic Fanatic isn’t quite what the name implies. You’ll be up against Sally Stageplay, a famous actress. This boss battle may be located near the north entrance of the theatre.

The Bride is the first phase.

It’s just you and Sally for the initial phase, however she’ll attempt a few different techniques to hurt you. Sally’s attacks include a Spin Kick, in which she leaps into the air and then kicks you in the face with a spinning downward kick. Sally will vanish inside her umbrella and then resurface above you before attempting to crush you with a Teleport Slam. Sally could come to a halt and blow you a kiss. It’s a pink heart that will travel up and down in front of you, but you may parry it to increase your special meter. The Fan Toss is the last assault. She’ll toss a fan your way, which will fall on the ground. If you touch the fan, it will do you harm.

Given what you’ve previously gone through, this step isn’t too difficult. Simply maintain your distance and keep shooting until the backdrop for the second phase changes.

Motherhood is the second phase.

The Spin Kick and the Fan Toss are the only attacks that stay the same in this phase. She has two more attacks as well. The first is the Bottle Toss, in which two infants appear in the windows and attempt to throw milk bottles at you. The Windup Mice, on the other hand, will descend to the floor, move up the walls and onto the roof, and then attempt to land on your head.

Avoid Sally’s assaults and continue firing at her until the backdrop for the following phase changes.

The Goddess is the third phase.

Sally is hanged on a rope this time, and her assaults are much different. Keep an eye on the symbol in the upper left corner to see which assault is coming next.

Meteor: From the stage roof, a meteor falls. Shooting the meteor will open it, revealing a pink star that you may parry.

Lightning: From the roof, a succession of lightning strikes will descend. Keep moving because they’ll follow you back to where you were when they originally appeared on the screen.

Big Wave: This is a massive wave. A large wave will be carried over the stage by a stage hand. To avoid receiving damage, you’ll need to leap to your maximum height and sprint over the top of it.

These three assaults will continue to loop through Sally’s mind. Learn how to evade them all and keep shooting Sally till the next phase starts.

Curtains (phase 4)

Sally is now dangling from the screen’s top, moving left and right. The umbrella has started spinning on the floor and is following you around. When the umbrella comes too near, leap over it and sprint to the opposite side of the screen, continuing to fire Sally. Roses will be thrown onto the stage by the audience, which you must avoid. Sally will be knocked unconscious after she has suffered enough damage.

Wrath of the Railroads follows next.

Return to Inkwell Isle 3


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