This game is a free-to-play platformer in which players compete to be the last one alive by defeating enemies, collecting badges and killing other players. If you are killed while carrying a badge, it will drop as loot for your killer.

The “badge and gun lyrics” is a song by American rapper Lil Pump. The song was released on September 3, 2017, as the lead single from his second mixtape, “Harverd Dropout”.

Badge and Gun

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How to Locate Your Badge

You’ll have to wait until Day 3 for the water lock to be fixed before you can locate your badge. You’ll be able to seal the lock and move through to the other side once it’s mended. To discover the remnants of an automobile collision, follow the tyre tracks north. Examine the cabin, but you won’t be able to thoroughly examine it until the flood recedes.


Wait a couple hours on the swings with Kim before returning to the cabin. You’ll find your Badge and a Jacket this time.

Locating Your Weapon

You may acquire information about your gun, much like the Badge, but you won’t be able to locate it until the lock is fixed on Day 3.

The gun was pawned and sold, according to Roy at the pawn shop, but he has no idea where it is today. You’ll need to meet with Evrart Claire, the Union’s leader, to find it. He’ll only assist you if you assist him with his issues. This entails acquiring two signatures and unlocking an apartment door for him. It is entirely up to you how you fulfill these objectives.

After you’ve finished Evrart’s missions, speak with him about the rifle once again. He’ll tell you who has it and where you can find them, across the lock on the abandoned boardwalk.

Close the lock after the third day and stroll over. Late at night, after 22:00, go to the boardwalk to locate an elderly woman known as The Pigs. She has your pistol and collects police stuff. You may either keep your Gun or toss it away after the chat. I strongly advise you to retain your gun since dealing with the murder suspects will be lot simpler.

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The “songs when someone lets you down” is a song that was released in 2008. The lyrics of the song are about how the person who let you down is not worth it.

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